Sugaring Class
$ 600 per student
Two-Day Training Program
* You must be a licensed beauty professional or currently enrolled in a beauty program *

A kit purchased through Tamara is required separately, you can purchase before the class.
Tamara Professional

All other class materials are provided and included.

Sugaring (38)
Owner of Be Sugared, Nicole Gray attended Federico Beauty Institute in her hometown, Sacramento California where she gained valuable experience in the skin care industry. She applied her experience by immersing herself in the waxing world for 4 years where she enhanced her skin care knowledge and perfected her techniques. Having mastered the art of waxing, Nicole became a speed waxing educator where she shared her expertise with aspiring waxing professionals.

Nicole discovered sugaring when she moved to Santa Monica California where she was inspired by local Sugaring professionals and fell in love with the process and results. " Everything from the organic product, to the seamless technique and comfortable client experience inspired me to transition from waxing to sugaring. The positive feedback I received from my clientele and evident skin care benefits they received confirmed the decision to pivot towards sugaring was positive."

Nicole moved to Las Vegas in 2013 where she established a premiere hair removal solution in the entertainment epicenter of the world... Be Sugared.

Nicole provides her clientele with a wealth of knowledge and seasoned experience. Known for her robust understanding of the skin care industry, keen sense of professionalism and vivacious personality, Nicole has received raved reviews from her clientele. "As an avid waxer for over ten years I was apprehensive about switching to sugaring. Nicole was extremely detailed and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process," shares Be Sugared client Taryn Paulson.

Be Sugared serves not only as a reflection of Nicole's passion for the skin care industry, but as a consistent inspiration for healthy living. "I believe above all else, loving yourself should always come first. Maintaining your skin and adopting an organic lifestyle and incorporating that into your beauty routine is essential. Since your body is a reflection of the way you live, nourishing your skin and looking your best is all apart of the self-care process. These ideals serve as a compass for my values as a business owner and skin care professional," Nicole Gray.